Anyone have luck with the Input Server?

Today I installed the Input Server from the Haiku Build Factory, only to find it was crashing the system on bootup. After doing serial debugging, I found that I needed to have both and present, otherwise an infinite loop would be triggered. I downloaded the Haiku distribution from the Factory and took the two libraries from there and dropped them into my /boot/beos/system/lib dir. After that I again tried installing the Input Server, only to see that bootup fails again. This time I don’t have the infinite loop issue, but regardless it isn’t working. Has anyone managed to get this working? If so, can you lay out what else I need to do? I’d prefer not to run Zeta on my laptop, but I presently have to because my laptop keyboard will not work with R5. Getting the Input Server working would help out in this regard, even if it isn’t completely stable. I want to use my laptop to test out Haiku components, but it’s kind of hard to when I am unable to use my keyboard.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Isn’t it cool to test alpha quality software ? :slight_smile:

Just to explain a bit : default build factory is targeted at Haiku only, hence it asks for haiku libs.
If you want to test on R5, you should define “export COMPILE_FOR_R5=1” before actually build the input kit package.

I hope it is clearer now for you.

Alright, thanks for the clarification. I kind of assumed that I needed to build it myself once I saw the dependency on instead of, but still figured I’d ask. I’ll give it another shot after work today and see how it goes. Keep up the good work, and thanks once again.

Axel mentioned a “package” in the news item - anyone have it built as a drop-in replacement for R5 already?

Alright, I built the Input Kit for R5 right before work and it performed the exact same way as the R5 one as far as I could tell. I decided to investigate further as to why my keyboard wouldn’t work, and found it was due to me using the original kb_mouse that came with R5. I snagged a newer kb_mouse from BeBits just a little bit ago and gave that a whirl. As of now, I can type and use my mouse just fine now with my laptop using the Haiku Input Kit. I’m assuming there is a Haiku version of kb_mouse, but as of now I have no means of getting to my Haiku build (as I’m currently at work). When I get home though, I’ll try that out, as it’s most likely more up to date than the one on BeBits.

Thanks for the help, Korli.

tb100, Private Message me with your email address, and I’ll be glad to send you the version I compiled for R5 (built today from CVS). If you aren’t comforable with that, I suppose you could email the Input Kit mailing list, as is stated on the Haiku front page. Just don’t try the one in the Haiku Build Factory, or else you will have the problems I mentioned in my first post, as it is built for Haiku, not R5.

Thanks for the offer, but the disclaimer scares me a bit! I’m planning to reformat my hdd and have a new partition specifically for playing around with Haiku on. Then I’ll be able to restore it should anything go wrong :slight_smile: