Anyone else having problems with recent nightly Web+?

Before I file a bug report, I wanted to know if this forum is displayed correctly in Web+ (hrev55203+).
When loading the forum, I see text normally, but if I click on a post, the text appears for maybe 1-2 seconds then dissappears and becomes blank and a second scrollbar appears “inside the webpage”… Like the CSS “frames” are placed above the text instead of below it.

I had to revert to 203 to get it to display correctly again

Yes, it is a know bug.

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A haikuwebkit update (1.8.2-1) is building now which will help several issues. (Weird black borders, performance).

There is one bug left around the text disappearing (as you noticed). I really hope we can get this issue addressed before R1/Beta3… It’s almost a showstopper.