Any way to run my Alfa Network Wireless card on Haiku?

Any way to run my Alfa Network (chipset Ralink) wireless card on HAIKU?

What model number is it?

Otherwise, what connection does it use? PCI, USB, ethernet cable or something else ?

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Alfa Network AWUS036H, connected by USB

AFAIK Haiku currently doesn’t support any USB-Ethernet devices.

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It does support some wired ones, based on ASIX and Davicom chipsets.

The problem is the FreeBSD compatibility layer does not support USB (yet), but native drivers can’t do wireless (yet). So, no driver can support both USB and WiFi at the same time.

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What would we need to do to support this and add this functionality? I’m just asking out of interest.

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It is as I said, either one of:

  • Extend the FreeBSD compatibility layer so it is able to talk to USB devices. This way we can take drivers that normally talk to the FreeBSD USB stack, and make them talk to our stack instead;
  • Or, write native drivers, and make it possible for native drivers to use the wifi support (adding ioctls and the like to manage asking for the SSID, getting the key/password, etc).

The first way sounds easier to me, but I could be wrong.

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