Any update to the nVidia TNT/GF driver?

I finally have a BeOS Pro 5.0.3 installation, and set aside two partitions on the box for Haiku. My plan is to port Ogg Frog to BeOS this week, and to test it regularly on Haiku, so that any Haiku bugs that affect me can be resolved before Haiku ships.

My on-board Intel 810 video works fine, but I also added an EVGA GeForce 5200 PCI/DVI card to drive this huge honking LCD screen I have.

When I installed the Haiku nVidia TNT/GF driver, it froze right at the end of the boot screen. I’m still able to start up by disabling user add-ons in the BeOS boot menu, but I can’t use my monster screen.

That driver is version 0.80, last updated on April 11, 2006. Has it been updated since then?

I would expect that the same driver is available in a much later release in the Haiku snapshots. If I unpack a snapshot to one of the partitions I set aside for Haiku, then move the driver over to my BeOS system, can I expect it to work?

If the driver has been revised, I’d like to suggest that the build linked from BeBits be updated. If no one else wants to deal with it, and I can make it work for me, I’ll be happy to do so.

Thanks! – Mike