Any support for USB WiFi adapters?

I am currently staying in a hotel for a good long while, and there is no wired internet. I am on a desktop, so I got a USB WiFi adapter, but it isn’t recognized in Haiku. Are they not supported yet, is mine just not supported, or is there a step I am missing on setting it up?


They are not supported. We use the FreeBSD compatibility layer to use FreeBSD drivers for wifi (and most wired ethernet adapters), but the compatibility layer is still missing USB support.

You could get a PCI or PCI-E wifi card and try that

And if you get the PCI card, try to make sure it uses the Atheros chipset.

There are adaptors that provide Ethernet to WiFi, no special driver needed. Something like this:

If your Ethernet port already works with Haiku, then you’re good to go, with this item.

But USB Modem work… by Haiku monthly activity report 05/2015

Maybe any USB WiFI as multiple interface…

It’s possible to write an USB ethernet driver for Haiku (native driver), but not port an existing driver from FreeBSD. However, it is not possible currently to write a native driver for a wifi device, because some hooks to wpa_supplicants are missing. These could be added, of course, and then the driver written.

But either way, it is not as simple as dropping in the FreeBSD sources.