Any drivers for RALINK RT2400?

I’ve got RALINK RT2400 wireless lan card and I can’t use it in BeOS. Are there any drivers? Maybe someone know how to run it under BeOS? Will it run with other drivers? Thanks for help.

I know that there are some open source drivers for RT2x00 for linux. I have alvays thinking that porting drivers to other system is a very simple process. Isn’t It? Could someone help me? plz?

No, AFAIK, there is no BeOS/Haiku driver for RALINK RT2400 WLAN adapter available.
Not yet. Under ZetaOS R1 (from YellowTab), it may works with their NDISWrapper meta-driver, though.
But under plain old BeOS and Haiku, no solution yet.

Porting some open source driver from Linux or xBDS code base is possible, but it’s not “always” a “very simple process”. It depends on the original source code quality, the quantity of documentation you have about the hardware is supposed to work and, obvioulsy, the porter’s skills ;-).
However, porting to BeOS/Haiku net drivers is not the hardest due to simple API.
If you want some help, feel free to stop by the Haiku networking team mailing list.
And our SVN repository already host several network drivers source code under
trunk/src/add-ons/kernel/drivers/network/*, which could help you to get started.

  • Philippe