Any BeBox owners here?

I just purchased a BeBox 133MHz system and would like to see if there are still any BeBox owners here. I am also interested in Haiku on Intel for later but would be nice to get to know fellow BeBox owners also.

I am now working on getting a network card for mine and also update OS. It is at R3 now. I have the R5.03 CD but scares me about the bootrom updates. Do I have to update my bootrom to update from R3 to R5?


Try running the BeOS max live cd on it. That might tell you if its compatible without any ROM upgrades.

BeOS MAX is x86 only.

Internet is your friend. :slight_smile:

I think if you can run R3 that you can upgrade without ROM upgrade. Systems that ran older BeOS than PR1 (or R3) would not work from the info I have seen posted. PR1 (or R3?) was the cross over requiring ROM update.

Just an up to tell that you are not alone: I am more or less in the same situation. Interested in Haiku, I kept a BeOS featured x86 box for several years until the mid 2000’s, and I managed at last to get a dual 133 BeBox last year…

Feel free to msg me if you want…

macsociety, I have a dual133MHz Rev6 BeBox, and I sold his unit to seki (a like new Rev8 iirc) last year :slight_smile:

I saw your youtube video and I’d like to know what are all your discs and books next to your monitor, in case I’m missing any (like that BeSpecific CD, I only have the 5th or 6th edition, I can’t remember now).

I’m a BeOS collector as well, I’ll send you a link with pictures of my collection by mail later, if you wish…