Another 64 or 32 dilemma

Hello. I have decided to install Haiku on an Intel Core2 Duo with 2 (maybe 3) Gb of RAM. My Goal on the one hand is to revive that hardware and on the other side is to revive that touch and feel that I enjoyed when using BeOS many years ago.

I planned to install the 64 bit version because I think it could be faster and better-performance for that hardware but I’m afraid to lose some of the “experience”.

My doubts are, I’m right with the 64bit setup for the best performance on that hardware? Am I going to lose some relevant software experience because compatibility issues?



You will not be able to run BeOS software that has not been recompiled for 64bit. So if your interest is in running such historic software, currently the 32bit version is needed.

Otherwise, the 64bit version is recommended. It behaves the same but is indeed faster and better, and it is also a bit simpler (because the 32bit version ships with two versions of the compiler and libraries for compatibility reasons).


I get it, I’m going with the 64bit version then.

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