Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2023)

I don’t like the idea.
It is ok if we have it in HaikuDepot to choose from.
The less on the Desktop than better!

It coul go to Deskbar/Desktop applests


The Workspaces app can already be installed in DeskBar, but it shows a tiny preview of the workspaces, which doesn’t work great if you have many of them. Maybe we could replace it with this?


Do any of you remember WorkspaceSwitcher? That was a powerful little app.

I use it in the deskbar and just make my desktops 1 row so it takes up a whole row in the deskbar, then use it for switching. Can’t use it in the same way as the replicant/main window but I do like it this way.


That would be nice as additional option, too.

Everyone, feel free to open new threads, and keep this one on track: announcements.

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Dillo(plus), a basic webbrowser build with FLTK.

Don’t expect any major changes here, this is a very BASIC browser, and you will run into issues when trying to access modern websites. Nevertheless, nice to be able to show our FLTK port is up to it’s job! :slight_smile:

Kudos to @coolcoder613 for the initial idea and patch!


OK, let’s not forget our own Applications or the libraries involved here.
@PulkoMandy pushed a fix to haikuwebkit that solves the crashing issue earlier, thanks there! (and all that are involved) :ok_hand:


Thanks :maple_leaf: for bugfixing

the “STOP” error in StreamRadio :four_leaf_clover:

with the new release !! :sunglasses:


Hello, it’s time for anotehr update in Renga, the XMPP chat client for Haiku!

Since version v1.24 back in may, I made the following changes:

  • Account passwords are now stored safely in BKeyStore instead of cleartext in the settings file
  • Multiple accounts can be saved in the settings file
  • Use the Renga icon instead of the lightbulb everywhere (following XEP-0263 ECO-XMPP recommendation)
  • Allow use of Renga without creating an account in ‘anonymous mode’, join the Renga channel automatically then so you have some place to start chatting
  • Improve error handling in case of failed login or server connection (go back to the login page and show an error message)
  • Fix SCRAM for channel binding with TLS 1.3 connections
  • XEP-0402 bookmarks are now fully supported
  • The main chat view was replaced by Stippi’s new TextView. No functional changes, it should look identical to the previous one mostly, but it opens for future developments such as message corrections and retractation, MAM, and message reactions (I will try to work on these for the next version)
  • Hovering on links in the chat view shows a linkmouse cursor, and right click shows a popup menu where you can easily copy the link
  • Move out of GitHub, Renga is now hosted on my personal Gerrit/Trac instance
  • Fix various crashes

I hope you find it useful! Looking forward to chatting with you all! (I already use it also with an IRC gateway to reach Haiku IRC channels).


Thanks on the updates for StreamRadio and Renga! :ok_hand:

Another small X-Mas present: Palapeli, a jigsaw puzzle game, when creating the puzzle several levels of diffeculty can be set:

EDIT just missing a nice icon for it :slight_smile:


Belatedly, Renga sounds awesome. Apologies for going somewhat off-topic, but I’ve been meaning to get back into Jabber for a while, and found it hard to pick a server. Is a good place? I’ve been going through the website, and it sounds like everyone’s welcome.

Yes, it’s run by people I know somewhat personally now (after meeting at opensourge events and asking for a bit of help with Renga). It is a very small nonprofit, whicheis ok because running an XMPP server does not require too much resources.

I don’t think they have problems providing services to more people. Registrations are not always open because of spammers, but you can ask on their xmpp channel for help with that (they can re-enable it)



A new version of NetSurf is available. NetSurf is a small and light web browser suitable for older machines. Here is the changelog from NetSurf authors (there had not been new releases for more than 3 years):

The biggest change to the core is improved CSS support, including
support for the “display: flex” property value, which improves the
layout of some web pages. There is also a new option in the Choices
to disable CSS.

A huge number of other changes have also been made including
new features, significant performance optimisations, stability
improvements, and other fixes.

Change Log

NetSurf 3.11

Core / All platforms

  • HTML: Fixed failure to reflow SVGs if fetched and ready before layout.

  • HTML: Support for display: flex layout.

  • HTML: Improved minimum/maximum sizes in box layout.

  • HTML: Improved handling of percentages.

  • HTML: Minor cleaning up of layout code.

  • HTML: Use new LibCSS API for unit conversion.

  • HTML: Improved ordered list handling.

  • CSS: Updated selection callbacks to latest LibDOM API.

  • Options: Added core option to disable CSS.

  • Options: Added core option to prefer dark mode.

  • Options: Improved user choices file processing.

  • Bitmap: Opaque testing now implemented in core.

  • Bitmap: Added core support for premultiplied-alpha.

  • Bitmap: Format logged on startup.

  • Bitmap: Added support for pixel colour component order configuration.

  • Bitmap: Added colour component order conversion functions.

  • Bitmap: Generally more optimal on all platforms for all image formats.

  • Image: JPEGXL image handler.

  • Image: Compatibility with latest rSVG version.

  • Image: Improved handling for broken GIF images.

  • Image: Updated to new LibNSGIF API.

  • Image: Updated all image format handlers to use new core bitmap capabilities.

  • Fetch: Updated to new libcurl API.

  • Fetch: Disabled TLS1.0 and TLS1.1.

  • Fetch: Improved handling of bad SSL connections.

  • Fetch: Change to libcurl to optimise HTTPS connections (upstreamed).

  • Local history: More robust rendering.

  • Resources: Updated certificate bundle.

  • JavaScript: Minor updates to DOM bindings.

  • JavaScript: Updated to Duktape 2.7.0 release.

  • JavaScript: Console: Don’t log through closed window.

  • Utility: Cleaned up UTF8 handling.

  • Utility: Improved recursive directory removal.

  • Utility: Add support for xx_YY format language codes.

  • CI: Various improvements to build automation and testing.

  • General: Various warning fixes.

  • General: Aligned UserAgent with compatibility spec.

  • Documentation: Updated URLs to https.

  • Documentation: Added front-end development guide.

  • Text areas: Clear selection on word left/right.

  • Buildsystem: Fixed handling of removed header files.

  • Disc cache: Minor fixes.

  • Debug: Added generated charts to image cache stats page.

  • Debug: Added descendant bounding boxes to HTML box tree dumps.

  • Built in: Cleaned up generated about: pages.

  • LibParserUtils library 0.2.5 (parser building utility functions):

  • Optimised consuming from buffer.
  • Optimised endian detection.
  • Added new API to append vector to buffer.
  • Hubbub library 0.3.8 (HTML parser):
  • Massively optimised element type detection using perfect hash.
  • Optimised and updated performance tester.
  • Fixed bitrot in tests.
  • Improved example client code.
  • Buildsystem improvements.
  • LibCSS library 0.9.2 (CSS parser and selection engine):
  • Added support for SVG fill-opacity property.
  • Added support for SVG stroke-opacity property.
  • Added support for CSS property wide revert value.
  • Added support for CSS property wide unset value.
  • Added support for CSS property wide initial value.
  • Added support for CSS position property sticky value.
  • Added support for CSS display property “grid” values.
  • Added support for prefers-color-scheme media query.
  • Added new public API for CSS unit conversion.
  • Added support for predefined counter styles.
  • Optimised media query handling.
  • Made selection code generator deterministic.
  • Various selection code generator improvements.
  • Squashed leak of system font names.
  • Improved internal handling of property units.
  • Improved internal string map.
  • Minor buildsystem improvements.
  • Improved example code.
  • Added new tests.
  • LibDOM library 0.4.2 (Document Object Model):
  • Fixed XML parser error handling.
  • Fixed XML parser empty document handling.
  • Added DOMTokenList implementation.
  • Added DOM tree walking function.
  • Improved example code.
  • Fixed HTML Element int32 attribute getter to handle signed values.
  • Various stability improvements.
  • Buildsystem improvements.
  • LibNSGIF library 1.0.0 (GIF support):
  • Complete rewrite.
  • New API that doesn’t expose internal state.
  • Much better handling of bad or broken GIFs.
  • Support for decoding to client’s choice of pixel colour component order.
  • Many fixes.
  • Faster decoding.
  • Updated documentation.
  • LibSVGTiny library 0.1.8 (SVG support):
  • Fixed X11 example utility build.
  • Implemented path arc correctly.
  • Updated documentation.

Nice one @PulkoMandy ! Thanks :+1:

HaikuUtils, a collection of tools created by @X512 Thanks! :ok_hand: Now available in the depot.


Flying in from 2023 with only minutes until it’s 2024 where I’m at, SDL Sopwith lands in HaikuDepot for x86_64 (32-bit buildmaster is broken as of time of posting):


:tada: :partying_face: Happy New Year! :tada: :partying_face:

New software announcements continue at:
Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2024)