Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2022)

Latest version for Strawberry, build with Qt6

Latest Gerbera 1.11.0 for 32bit and 64bit:

Merged borgbackup :slight_smile:

Merged latest cutter/rizzin

wip rav1e (AV1 video encoder)


Laser Kombat, a recently open-sourced stealth puzzle game from 1999, is now available via HaikuDepot:

Additionally, there is a pending merged pull request to add Haiku build instructions upstream:

A classic puzzle game, now available for modern systems. Destroy all the tanks to beat the level. Stay out of line of sight, though, or you will get shot. Shoot your lasers at mirrors, blow up bomb or push your enemies into water with movable blocks to win. Good luck!

Proposals for a Haiku-style icon are welcome.

Apparently HaikuPorts is the first to provide a package for this game: according to Repology:

Thanks to @Begasus for pointing out this trivia!


Thanks for the nice game @win8linux maybe you could poke upstream to support some install part with cmake :wink:

Something like CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR = $prefix/bin (for the binary) and CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR = $prefix/data (for the assets directories)?

Dunno if there’s anything you can do, but resizing the window crashes the game.

If you update the recipe one day, you may want to rename the binary “laserkombat” to “Laser Kombat”. Currently the Deskbar shows “laserkombat” for the app and “Laser Kombat” for its window.
If you add an rdef for an icon, don’t forget to add an app signature so it can be started by QuickLaunch. :slight_smile:


Quite a number of new python packages, amongst 2 pretty neat ones:

build: you can create your own wheel package now with the build module or with the cmd pyproject-build
installer: install your wheel package (you just created or downloaded from the net)

These were done in preparation to update our gertty a python+ncurses interface to gerrit.

Thanks to @PulkoMandy for raising an issue to port over furnace to Haiku, we had help from upstream to get it up and running, a PR for it is already at haikuports, for now disabled as performance wise it’s not the fastest, but for those interested, they can try it out. :slight_smile:
PR is merged and inside the haikuports repository.

PR created for Geany, not merged yet, would be nice for those able to build it to check it out:

Geany with gtkspell:

Geany and the plugin pack:


FileZilla recipe is available in haikuports - not yet in HaikuDepot as it has seen only limited testing.
Thanks to @zuMi for the icon!

Wireshark - latest version 4.0.2 with improved stability (no longer crashes on exit)


Some more interesting stuff: audacity, available in haikuports - not yet available in HaikuDepot - highly experimental - unfortunately there are still a few stability issues.

Many thanks to @3dEyes for the portaudio integration and the icon!


Only 1/3 of your last two posts fit the subject. :wink:


Wow, this one I use very often :heart_eyes:
I’m curious how the audio latency would be on Haiku.
And a seperate question, ASIO is sort of nonsense on Haiku since we already have stable low latency audio without it?

because of not new or because of not in HaikuDepot? :upside_down_face:
it we’re really strict then none of them:

  • FileZilla is new but not in HaikuDepot (only in haikuports)
  • Wireshark has been around for a while so it’s not really new
  • Audacity is not really new because a recipe has been around for some time and it’s only in haikuports not in HaikuDepot

I meant because it’s not actually in HaikuDepot.
I’ll edit the title to “New or updated…” so we can also add updated apps to this thread without feeling the sting of being off-topic. Let’s just stick to momentous releases, not announcing every bugfix. :slight_smile:

I suggest to create a separate thread for “New in HaikuPorts, needs more work and testing” or something for those other candidates.

Would’nt it be better to have an own *Updated in HaikuDepot* thread?

1.) Mixing the HaikuDepot with updated apps wil blow it up to much!?

2.) New apps will not get the attention they deserve!

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We’ll see. Major updates are not very common. If it blows up, we can add a pure update thread as well.




WOW @3dEyes - awesome work!


Does the Audacity port include the “law enforcement” update that the Audacity team were adding?

that’s troubling, probably best to find a way to disable that code


It’s built without network support so update checking and error reporting should be disabled. Ideally it should be double-checked by someone familliar with these issues.

Otherwise… do we know of a good fork that is up to date?


None so far, but Tenacity seems to be starting back up again. @n0toose


Yeah, I’ve been working on handing over everything to the new maintainer. I experimented with support for Haiku in the past and even if it seems a bit tricky to get it to work with its native API, I think that upstream support for “novelty operating systems” is something I could definitely convince the new maintainer over. :smiley:

I’m definitely super open to that.