Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2022)

This is a thread strictly for short announcements of new or updated software.
If you find problems with the presented software or encounter any other issues, please open a new specfic topic to avoid derailing this thread.

These topics are a yearly installment to avoid one very long mega-thread.

Past announcements:

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I wanted to learn about drag and drop with the Haiku API so I wrote a little game called Peggy which really is Mastermind :slight_smile: . You can install it via HaikuDepot or “pkgman install peggy”. Check it out and let me know if you like it!


Still fighting with some other stuff here, but should look into adding the Dutch translation to the locales. :wink:

EDIT already there, checking local build :wink:

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Thanks @Begasus, that’ll be great.

PR created :slight_smile:

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This game is always a good learning way for games. Lorglas and myself do the same (every one his own way) in yab in the past.

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@Lelldorin: Yes, especially about things like drag and drop and graphics which I don’t need that much in “normal” apps. Next step will probably be a tetris game only in Haiku API (no SDL or something like that). Let’s see if the performance is good enough :slight_smile:


Would be fine to get some descriptions for other devs

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Will do :+1:
As always, no promises or guarantees on any time schedule :wink:

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I have just released a new version of Renga. Renga is an XMPP/Jabber client based on the gloox library. It is originally based on the older jabber4beos/jabber4haiku project but all the code is being replaced one piece at a time. XMPP is an instant messaging protocol and network, competing with Matrix recently but it exists for a very long time and used to compete with several other things. It is also possible to use Renga to connect to IRC networks through various publicly available gateways. This is possiple with Renga but not fully integrated with the GUI yet.

At the moment the client is quite minimal and doesn’t have a lot of features. It is working well enough to deserve a new release. There will be further updates as it gets improved.

Thanks to @nephele who fixed a lot of bugs, and also thanks to people in the XMPP community for their help and advice!


Thanks for the work.
It would be great to have OMEMO support.

It’s in our rough goals: XEP-0459 XMPP Compliance Suites 2022 · Issue #47 · pulkomandy/Renga · GitHub

As for when that will be completed I have no idea, since I’ve never used OMEMO I don’t know anything about it.

New program available on our Repository server: WebsiteCopy (32bit / 64bit)

I create this little tool, playing around with wget.


Nice game, i have test it. First start i was a little bit irritated, because the window size was very smal. But runs well.Thanks


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Wow, how did that happen? :open_mouth:
In the version that is currently on HaikuDepot the peg is always static, it doesn’t grow or shrink with the window size. Already working on a fix for that. But I thought at least the default size on first startup should be reasonable. Thanks for testing and glad you like the game :slight_smile:

I have installed it now and I have the same issue as Lelldorin first time I open it. But when I resize the windows all work well :slight_smile:

Yes, that was to be expected, the initial window size is set to something that doesn’t make sense. I didn’t notice that because the app saves the window size and loads it on startup. And on all my Haiku machines there obviously was a config file. So much for software testing :slight_smile:
I’ve made a new release that has sane window size defaults. Should be in package management soon.
Thanks for testing! :+1:


FreeRCT has been ported to Haiku:

FreeRCT aims to be a free and open source game which captures the look, feel, and gameplay of the popular games RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2 with original assets. The game is still in an early alpha state, but it is already playable and offers a variety of features.

Haiku support has also been merged upstream:

If anyone has ideas for a Haiku-style icon, feel free to submit one for the package.


After +20 years I’ve managed to build the scummvm-tools GUI that seems like it’s in a working order, for this the builders need to get back online to build wxGTK:

As it looks there is still some work needed for xlibe or GTK3 (help wanted for those involved) :slight_smile:

Not yet in HaikuDepot


Should now be in the depot, some warning on launch but aside from that it should be working :wink: