Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2020)

This is a thread strictly for short announcements of new or updated software.
If you find problems with the presented software or encounter any other issues, please open a new specfic topic to avoid derailing this thread.

These topics are a yearly installment to avoid one very long mega-thread.

Past announcements:

New ImageMagickGUI version available

Please send message if you get an error.

GitHub - lelldorin/ImagemagickGUI: A GUI for the imagemagick command line tool on Haiku (Operating System). (new source not available here at the moment)


My new game is available on haikudepot over our repository server:

Black monster

This simple card game (idea based on the card game ‘schwarzer peter’), are first started as easy task in the holydays, take many time and brainstorming.

Card images created with icon-o-matic.

I know the bug selecting a button of the second player and searching for the best way to solve this.


New Project: A GUI for Ghostscript

I start to work with ghostscript and build a smal GUI for it. The name is only the work-in-progress name, if one have a better one, please info.

  • Merging PDF files
  • Splitting PDF files
  • Convert PDF to JPG, PNG, Text

If you have ideas or infos to make more options, or do them better, please info.
You can use our BUGTracker for Feedback and Issus (or this forum).


Rotate pdf files, odd pages or even pages to 90, -90, or 180 degrees.


Is added to my to do list. Beside 2xA4 to A3 and backwards

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Are the software in BeSly repository open source?

The most one yes.

I have gone through all the applications on the page that you linked above, I cannot seem to find a link for the source code anywhere. There is no licence information either?

Can you provide a link to the source codes for those applications?

If you mean my applications, (they are written in yab) you have the source allready installed with the hpkg on your system. I do not build any binary for it. I run them from source as script.

I upload my new smal classic games on our reposerver






Not really new, but hasn’t been posted it seems :slight_smile: Cutter 1.12.0 is available in the Depot also for some time, it needs to be started from Terminal (we haven’t found a fix to launch it from Tracker/Deskbar so far) :slight_smile:

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Wonderbrush for 64 Bit is available now…


WonderBrush (YellowBites - WonderBrush) belongs to Haiku …
BShisen (BShisen) but also …

to 32Bit also to 64Bit (that was meant here!)…

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Bshisen is sience a long time available on our repository server

Program dies not statt from app menu and i can not start it from terminsl because there is no info there to find the program folder.

“The radare2 Standard theme could not be found in packages/radare2-4.5.1-3/.self/share/radare2/4.5.1/Icons. Most likely, radare2 is not property installed”

Could be of interest do test to start cutter with a extra c app

You can just launch it from Terminal by typing “Cutter”, it’s installed in /boot/system/apps
On the second quote, been looking into that :slight_smile:

There is only the binary, no app folder. And it does not run, selecting from app menu and from terminal

At the moment only the Binary yes, looking into the recipe to add some paths (and translation files) atm
Does it crash when you try to launch it? With Tracker it does here, starting from Terminal I have the mentioned warning also but then it launches, I select don’t open any files in the first window and then I have the app up and running

I get the message that radare2 is not available but it installed already with the program