Announcement: New/updated in HaikuDepot (2017)

This is a thread strictly for short announcements of new or updated software.
If you find problems with the presented software or encounter any other issues, please open a new specfic topic to avoid derailing this thread.

These topics are a yearly installment to avoid one very long mega-thread.

Past announcements:

Ha. A South African.


New package of DiamondGirl available on BeSly Software Repository (


I change the game paths, so you can create your own level sets (tutorial how to do that later on

I also add a levelset created by my self (at work). I name it Door Land, because you need keys to open doors (tricker but makes fun).

Here it is:

My new yab IDE are available over HaikuDepot now:

this version is for testing and bug reports. Not all functions are available.


Today I have uploaded my incomplete game collection. These games I have created for my little son (4 years old), because he likes the puzzle games so much, and I have no desire to constantly buy the relevant books/magazines.

Meanwhile, the reality has brought me, because these games have already become too boring after a short time ;-). Unfortunately, I have not yet come to write more games for it, but somehow it will work.

If you also want to present your child simple games on your Haiku without your child can destroy something in the system (game is in full screen mode and the menu to end the program can only be activated with the Esc key) take a look at KIDS.

Included is a memory game, a counting game, a dice-counting game and an image-completion game.

Where we are with children, I have a new DiamondGirl package uploaded with new levelsets:

How to Play (Learn to play the game by simple tasks) 10 Maps
Kids (Small simple maps) 10 Maps
Doorland (My First Level Set) 10 Maps

Example: How to play

A new version of my HPKGCreator are available on our webiste and HaikuDepot (BeSly Repository server).

After a long time I have again occupied with the hpkg creator and made some extensions and improvements.

About: With the HPKG Creator one can build stand alone installation packages for haiku.


My little Sprite Editor is online:


Nice! Thanks for sharing it!

I am playing around with ImageMagick and store my learned knowledge into a simple gui:

I know clasqm do something like this too, splitting all features into smal apps. I does not want to compete with him, i just want to store my knowledge into something useful.

**clasqm: If you want to take a look, how i do this, the source is included the app folder too.

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The more the merrier, lelldorin. If we don’t try out different approaches, how are we going to move forward?


Thanks for your understanding

Version 0.2-1 is out with

  • 31 imagemagick functions
  • undo/redo/restore

Hi Lelldorin, I’ve found a pair of issues:

  • the first one is that, when I double click on the title bar, the app doesn’t minimize in the Deskbar (as the other applications does)

  • the second is that when I load/drop images in the applications, these looks very small, as you can see here:

Ok i upload a new version 0.2-2

  • I active minimizing the window
  • Check the image size for display in the right ratio
  • If the image does not display correct you can switch the preview using the view menu “Change ratio”
  • Add Websites
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Wow, very quick fix/improvement! :+1:
I’m testing it now and is better.
Many thanks, I will let you know if i find somethin else to fix or to improve!

Well, for now I find that the “change ratio” will distort the image:

Maybe can you also add the ability to zoom in/out the image, as ShowImage on Haiku is able to do? (also with the addition to move the image, to see a different section of the zoomed image)? Well, however thank you for your work and efforts!

There is a big problem management the pictures because they does not have the right attributes of width to height, they often have (at jpg) Height to Weight, so i add the Change ratio, that people can change the preview if it is not displayed correctly.

But i need to store this changes in the temporary file and does not change only the preview display.

At the moment i does not have any idea to do that. Let me thinikg and testing about it.

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Not yet in the Depot, but still a work in progress… WebViewer