An IBM K3-9930 keyboard does not work

The keybord is an old one and is connected to a PS/2-port. Originally I received it with an IBM NetVista. The computers motherboard is Asus M2A-VM HDMI, the processor is some older AMD.

At the moment the old keyboard is the only I have, but I will later try a keyboard connected to an usb-port.
The IBM-keyboard works well in Windows, linux-distributions but now with Haiku on usb I could not get any character written!

Does anybody have experiences of the same kind with Haiku?

I am writing this using an older HP notebook and in this computer Haiku live-cd seems to work well. I like Haiku!

Solved becouse I found an usb/keyboard from my home. The problem is that PS/2 does not work and k3-9930 needs the PS/2 connection.