An easier OS name?

Hi to all !

I would like to suggest you some new names instead of Haiku because i think a successful story is dependant of an easy to remember/write name with a max of 2 syllables like facebook, twitter, linux etc.
And of course anyone who listen it will be able to quickly write it correcty on Google.
“Haiku” is Not so easy to write when listened first time because it contains confusing letters like H. Also AI could be written as I or A, and KU as Q.

Here are some examples i invented :

  • BEMOS (Be Multimedia OS)
  • TITUS (TIny & TUned System)
  • SPAR (SPeedy As Rabbit OS)
  • NEKOS (NExt Killer OS)
  • MIRMO (MInimal, Robust, and MOdern OS)
  • NINJA-OS (Ninja Is Not Just Another OS)
  • LEON (Lightweight & Easy to Operate for Noobs)
  • MARVIN (MARvellous VIsual New OS)
  • PSYCHOS (PSYCHdelic Haiku OS)
  • YASMIN (Yet Another Super MINimal OS / Yet Another Super Magic Instrument…)
  • MOGO (MOdern Grant OS / Majestic & Original Geek OS)
  • GASMIC (orGASMIC OS / Grant ASseMbly Mini Cartridge etc.)
  • GUMBO (Grand Unified Multimedia BOx)
  • PINGO (Pingo Is Not just a Geek OS)
  • PEDROS (PEtrol DRiven OS)

Do you really think names like GASMIC, PSYCHOS or NINJA-OS could be better, more rememberable and less confusing than Haiku ? :neutral_face:


Interesting comment; as a native [British] English speaker “Haiku” is fine for me (short, easy to pronounce, and ‘looks nice’) but other tongues may find it hard to pronounce the word.

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I like “Haiku”, should be the name of the OS :wink:

For me “haiku” [xai-kū] is strange word, OBOS (OpenBeOS) I liked more.
“Haiku” has eclectic association whit my native tongue (“(h)ai+kų”): ouch!+what?

English speakers also now can try Ouchwhat

You know, there are people here who have been working on “Haiku” for fifteen years. There is a company to oversee development, there is a registered domain … I don’t expect to see much enthusiasm for a name change. But let’s have a look.

Facebook is three syllables, I believe, and the examples you give are conspicuously not acronyms (Linux was retconned into an acronym “Linux Is Not UniX” after the fact, but that’s not how it started out). But if you have to use an acronym, drop the recursive ones. That is just all-too-clever.

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Haiku is the name of this Os…