AMD Ryzen cpu

Does anyone know if Haiku will run on the AMD Ryzen cpu’s ? They have an 8 core ultra fast one.

Looks like there are two bugs getting in the way of things:

Hopefully they’ll be fixed sooner rather than later…

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Thanks very much. I’m hoping to get one of these as soon as the bug is fixed.

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I have an AMD Ryzen system with Haiku nightly gcc2h.

Those bug tickets are probably specific to the mainboard that was used, with mine (Asus Prime B350-PLUS) it works quite well (for my usage). Using UEFI is not even necessary, normal MBR-based boot with gcc2h works with that mainboard. The only issues I encountered so far are flaky USB (not yet sure what causes this) and the onboard network chip isn’t supported. However, I haven’t tested sound and AHCI yet on it.

Oh, and we need to update ProcessController, its Deskbar replicant doesn’t draw properly with 16 CPUs… :slight_smile:

There aren’t 16 CPU’s. It’s 8 cores, 16 threads. Two threads per core. AMD already tried the lying hype game, saying they had the first 8 core CPU. No… it was actually 4 cores 8 threads. Got me mad enough to want to stop using AMD CPU’s, period. At least they’re being honest this time.

it was eight cores, with a shared fpu to each pair. the server chips alongside them had even more. it was intel with the hyperthreading. either way, haiku reports each thread as a core, so it’s whatever.

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