Am I stupid? - Browsers and email

I hate this.

Is anybody running a common webbrowser under Haiku? Or not so common for that matter.
What about email?
I have a laptop, Acer Aspire, which i will totally dedicate to Haiku. But …

At least give me a mail and browser app/program, whatever …

Or, just tell me were to find it’.

Take care !


HaikuDepot, here you found Software to install

I use many years Beam

You can find tutorials for Beam on:

Here a tutorial for the Haiku Mail app:

Hello. This is my list of browsers that I use:

  • Webpositive : is by default included in Haiku.
  • Otter Browser: is available at HaikuDepot (menu -> Applications -> HaikuDepot).
  • Dooble Browser: is available at HaikuDepot too.

Hey guys,

I’m happy to have more than one laptops.
This one gets Haiku !

There may be more questions from my side …
Hope you guys can give answers …

Signing out fot now …


Are you booting into an older Haiku revision in order to run Beam?

Whats wrong with mail_daemon?

you are using it!
Not me!
use mail_daemon… it works!
E-Mails before 2000 I stored on CD, I am still able to read…
Very easy, no E-Mail app needed!
Just keep your E-Mail folder!
No Beam needed…

It is one of my amusements to write my own email software, so perhaps I haven’t given mail_daemon the full desperation chance it takes, but …

It’s about time to do some cleanup on my remote email account, since it’s getting pretty near 10,000 stored messages. (I like to allow only 4 columns for the message index, so …) When I tried to point mail_daemon at that, it could not succeed. Running in the background as it does, it wasn’t really able to communicate with me in any useful detail about the problem.

Back when I was working in this area, the IMAP guy was sort of enthusiastic about the idea of an IMAP filesystem, which is somewhat like what we have here. He’s gone, though, and I’m here, and I personally prefer to start up a connection in my own user space when I need to look at my email, just like data from everywhere else. I get what I want to get, when I want to get it.

I am user and I want bells and whistles.
Few years ago I had problems with setting up GMail account in mail_daemon, Beam was able to handle it (anyway I do not use GMail now).
Outside Haiku I pretty offten confuse about “Have I read that mails?” and never with Beam. Beam is explicit enough for me. Well, it is kind of taste issue, I am agree.
But don’t you think that Beam is more attractive than mail_daemon?

Beam main problem is that it is an old app designed for BeOS not Haiku. Therefore, it is still using old layout with grey background here and there.
It’s not a problem if you’re using default Haiku colour scheme that have been made with compatibility in mind but, for example, people using dark themes may have difficulties with readability.
I guess that it would require a lot of work to shake up dust and to update Beam code. Is there someone maintaining that code anyway?
mail_daemon being provided by Haiku team, you know that its code will be kept up to date, I think it is the way to go. After all, if you have problem with it or missing features all you have to do is opening a ticket. If you’re brave enough, you can even add a patch.