Alternative way of donating (not so clever)

I’m sorry for the double post, but I fear the other I’ve written has no visibility.

I’d like to suggest an alternative way of donating: when they ask you “what do you want as a present for (as an example) Christmas?”, if you don’t need anything, just say “a donation for Haiku Project!”

I do this both for Christmas and for my birthday. Ok, this isn’t the only present they gave me (I still live with my parents), but maybe it represents half of it.

(I hope this was the correct forum for this)

Also, if you use ‘’ when you buy stuff on Amazon, it may be eligible for a donation from Amazon when you purchase. Just pick Haiku, Inc. as your charity. They are registered as a charity (501c3), so they can accept donations.

Also, you can go directly and donate one time or setup a recurring donation here:

Here’s another one…go to this address:

Sign up and support Haiku, Inc. and every time you do a search (while logged in), a penny goes to Haiku, Inc. :slight_smile:


Some time ago I’ve setup a recurring donation (few euro for month because I’m only a student, but if everyone would give few euro for month, there would be a great difference), and I often use goodsearch as search engine. On the other hand, I’m from Italy, and I prefer to buy from italian vendors (on ebay) rather than from american vendors on