Alpha1 - is it a hybrid build?

Hello everyone

I’ve got Alpha 1 and am enjoying using it, seems to be working pretty well for me so far. However I haven’t been able to run any gcc4 compiled programs (such as BeZilla-Mail from OptionalPackages). I had assumed the alpha was a hybrid build (it has a system/lib/gcc4 directory after all). Is there anything special I need to do to get it working, or is it simply the case that the alpha is not a hybrid? I thought Ingo had made some changes to the runtime loader so that it automatically used the right set of libraries without any user involvement required?

Cheers, and congratulations on the alpha!


Yeah Alpha one is meant to be a hybrid build, from the Release Notes: This release of Haiku is capable of building and running binaries using either GCC 2 or GCC 4.

OK, thanks for that mentioning the release notes; I’ll file a bug in that case.


Just to clear this up, I submitted bug #4542 to describe the issue. It turns out the alpha should support both GCC 2 and GCC 4 compiled apps, but GCC 4 compiled apps never come with a binary-compatability guarantee, and it seems some of the GCC 4 packages on the OptionalPackages page were not compiled for the alpha and therefore don’t run.

Hopefully the OptionalPackages or HaikuWare or someone will start to have a category to indicate the binaries (both gcc2 and gcc4) which will run on R1/Alpha 1.