Alpha 2?

Is there any information on when the next Alpha (or possibly beta) will be out and what it may include. I’d love to see a working WiFi stack. I’ve a notebook just waiting to run Haiku, but I need a secure WiFi connection.

Just what has to be working to get to the next milestone? Haiku looks so good running under VM (which gives me a working WiFi connection), but it crashes a lot. I can hardly wait for the real thing.

Haiku does not use release date schedule. Releases are done based on features. Very likely Alpha 2 release will occur in next 3 to 6 months but impossible to say for certain.

You are better off asking on the mailing list and getting a response from one of the main developers who have strong pull in the project.

WiFi is work in progress. Colin is doing the work but has said that in 1 year it should be fairly complete (more stable, more wifi card support, encryption, etc.).

I think Colin merged Wifi into Haiku ( nightly images ) but I haven’t checked. WiFi still in early stages.

Yes, wifi was merged into Haiku some time ago.
The atheros wifi driver is in the nightlies already, with more drivers to come.
Though encryption is still a TODO. I think next christmas it will be there :wink:

Hope I’m not being too pushy but, I have some observations about the changes since alpha 1 which I think warrant an alpha 2 some time soon. Although I’m not a programmer, I’ve been following the “WHAT’S NEWS IN HAIKU DEVELOPMENT” and other news on the home page, looking for clues as to what has been changing. Here are the main things I have observed:

  1. WebPositive has emerged and become very useable in a very short space of time. Congrats to Stippi, Ryan, Maxime and everyone else who has contributed to this fantastic effort! I think it is good enough to include in the next release instead of BeZilla/BonEcho and will give testers a much better feel for how Haiku’s native browser should perform.

  2. Changes have been made to the booting process and bootman that should improve the likelihood that Haiku will boot on more systems.

  3. A lot of work has been done on wireless conectivity since the release of alpha 1 in September.

  4. A ton of system level work that is way above my comprehension has been going on. I mean we’re at r36030 compared to somewhere around r33084, the last alpa 1 RC I downloaded.

In a recent post on the developement mailin list, Richie Nyhus wrote:

So when would the alpha 2 be released ?

If it is not released by the 21st of April then it could interfere with Gsoc.
Thus it would have to be released in a months time or released after
Gsoc in September.

If he’s right, I would love to see an alpha 2 shortly including the wireless conectivity features to date and the WebPositive browser. This would give us testers some real new meat to chew on.

This post was done using WebPositve r382 on Haiku nightly r 35981 gcc4 hybrid running in VirtualBox 3.1.6 r59338 under Ubuntu 9.04. The only thing stopping me from running Haiku on this laptop is the lack of Flash support and a decent remote desktop client.

Am I asking too much?



…may be of interest to you.

Others also want an Alpha 2 release soon too but up to the developers to decide when to actually get it out. Fairly sure they will talk about Alpha 2 release at BeGeistert coming up. Happens in Germany and gets many of the main developers attending.

I am very sure that Alpha 2 will include Webpositive too. :slight_smile:

Maybe reason for Alpha 2 delay? One post I read said they wanted to try to include a few other things with Alpha 2. Not sure if these will happen or not but we should know more after BeGeistert.

I am hoping for April/May release but developers decide when it happens themselves.

You should really try Haiku on real hardware. So much better. Create another partition on your drive and install to it.

For Flash there is Gnash but it only works with BeZillaBrowser. For remote desktop, there is RDesktop for Windows which works very well and VNC too. Check for them and try them in VirtualBox first.

So here’s the deal! I get this Dell Vostro 1500 laptop from a friend to clean up. After a couple days trying to sort out issues re-installing Windows I finally have it ready to give back to him. So I download the raw image of r36060 and write it to a 650MB partition on a 4GB flash drive that had previously had alpha 1 on it.

Boot it up, No screen at first so choose fail safe video mode and try again.

Comes up this time but, no mouse so, attach my wireless keyboard and mouse and try again. Bingo!

Check the “Devices” app. Seems to have properly identified just about everything. Check network preferences. No addresses set but that’s OK since I’ve not attached the cable yet. Attach the cable and check again, Bingo!

Since I’m too lazy to type the URL for the latest WebPositive into wget, I shut down, put the flash drive in my laptop and download WebPositive to the FAT partition on the Flash drive. Boot again, install WebPositive and here I am typing this post using WebPositive r391 on Haiku r36060 on an arbitrary laptop that happened to pass my way!

The only thing I can say is: DAMN IT’S FAST!


Alan, great to hear you had the chance to try out Haiku on real hardware. Thanks for sharing your experience. Haiku is fast like you just saw. Hopefully Alpha2 is out soon with more fixes and improvements.