Alpha 2 - ISO, has an incorrect checksum?

I downloaded the new ISO, tried to burn it 3 times unsuccessfully with 2 different Linux burners before I checked the checksum (I know I’m a bit slow) & it is not what is on the download page for the ISO.

I just downloaded the ISO again on a different machine & got the same checksum as the first download image that won’t burn.

I am attempting to burn the new download on the different machine.

I’ll re-post the results.

If the checksum is correct then you have the wrong one on the download page. If the checksum is incorrect, then there is a bad ISO on all the mirrors, (I downloaded from a different mirror the 2nd time).

[Edit:] The 2nd image seems ok, though NeroLinux crashed when trying to verify it (which is a first). I’ll install to HDD & give the result here too.

@mmadia: Sorry I didn’t get a “Save” button when I try to reply last night to your question? I’m here again this morning & I still don’t get a “Save” button therefore I have to edit this post?

Anyway the two mirrors are:

Illinois - & SourceForge

A corrupted ISO (the download process is inherently checksummed on at least two levels) followed by an OS crash is a bad sign. You should check your hardware, you may have bad RAM, a cooling problem (or CPU damaged by previous cooling problem) or other trouble which causes intermittent faults.

What seems to be happening is that the checksums are wrong on the board here.

As I downloaded from 2 different servers in 2 different countries & they both had the same checksum which is NOT the checksum for the ISO on the Haiku download page.

That needs to be fixed.

I used a different computer to download the 2nd ISO image & burnt it with its burner (which let me burn at 2x speed) My system didn’t crash, but NeroLinux the burning software did whilst verifying the CD.

The CD was ok though as I installed Haiku onto a drive & I am now using Haiku & everything seems to be fine, apart from the expected bugs here & there. It is really a credit to those responsible they have done an amazing job. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the bottom line is still that the ISO checksum here is different than on at least 2 servers out there which share the same number:


which mirrors have the ISO checksum?

There does seem to be a problem some way with the ISOs as I downloaded both the boot anything and the CD ISO and the boot anything once burned would not boot and then I burned the CD one I burned on the same DVDRW and deleting the first ISO on it and it crashed the burner during the burn on Ubuntu, but that ISO did boot just fine. I was using Brasero to burn them.

We are getting them burned and working and it is a great release and I have no idea what the problem is but you may get more reports on this and I hope it goes well and seems to be.