Alpha 1 CD per bank transfer

Hello at all,
is there an ability to pay the Alpha 1 CD per bank transfer from Germany?
I don’t have any credit card or something like this, but I want do buy a Haiku CD.

Thank you for your answers,
your Finest Bug

Thank you very much for your tips.

your Finest Bug

From CafePress site: Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, CafeCash and Gift Certificates.”

Ask someone you know with credit card to buy it for you and pay them.

Thank you for your answer, but it seems the right answer is no.
It’s a real shame that I don’t know anybody who has a credit card…

In Germany we say: “Kammer machen nix, muss ma gucken dumm”^^

your Finest Bug

You are welcome. Everything bought online by me is either credit card or Paypal. Almost no one takes cheques (checks) or bank transfer when running online stores.

Welcome to the modern age. :slight_smile:

You will have to get a credit card if you want to ever buy online stuff from stores. You can get a low limit one from one of the banks in Germany. Another option is virtual credit card, one you top up with money first, but be very careful who you buy it from. Wirecard offers this and you should check them out.

Wirecard ( in Germany ):