AHCI / "hddinfo"

This should be an easy one, I just don’t know where to look. I have a laptop with a SATA HDD. I have been running the computer with the IDE emulation mode turned on ever since I got it. I heard Haiku supports AHCI so I switched the mode to “AHCI” in the BIOS and am running it right now, so I guess by still working, one could assume it was successful. But is there somewhere I can see for sure a confirmation message that the new AHCI driver is in use? “sysinfo” reports everything I could want to know about my CPU, but is there an “hddinfo”? /var/log/syslog didn’t report anything of interest.

I ask also because I am experiencing occasional “bad moods” where all applications will partially freeze up for about 3 seconds about once a minute, then start working fine again. I believe it is a bottleneck in my HDD interface where anything that was trying to access the hdd is blocked. So have an interest in trying different HDD drivers/modes.

This isn’t really a great answer, but I noticed that if you run “df”, it will show you the device names of all the drives, and AHCI drives have a different syntax from IDE ones (AHCI drives show up as “scsi”).