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the project TiltOS provides a package manager on top of Haiku. It’s really conveniant, and I’ve just installed it on my Haiku system.

I think you should put a link to this project on your website because it desserves it:

Sorry but I strongly disagree.

Listing other distros on Haiku website is wrong. Haiku Inc wants people to use Haiku not distro X.

TiltOS may or may not be great but it should promote itself ( ie: Haiku should not promote other distros ).

I too created a package manager for Haiku which needs a few little fixes when I have time.

I will do some more work on it in November or October.

About TiltOS, it’s completely based on Haiku, it’s just a front-end and a repository, so I don’t think it’s another distribution which could cast shadows on the original project…

Anyway, it’s great to learn you’re working on a package manager! I’ve just downloaded it, it’s conveniant.

OK, for some reason I believed it to be a distro but I took a quick look and see what you mean.

I may try it out later on to see what it does exactly. It looks like it adds a package manager to Haiku.

From TiltOS website:
TiltOS for Haiku is a packages repository.

I believe Haiku developers will create their own package manager but not sure. For now I’ll work on my version and see what happens.

Haiku basically has three available choices, 1) either develop their own, 2) adopt a 3rd party one or 3) include 3rd party as optional package. I don’t believe they should promote one over another until a decision is actually made on package manager.

An updated package list for Packager is here:


your package manager looks good :slight_smile: pitty for the available nr of applications, but it’s a very nice tool :smiley:

Thank you. It is easy to add more applications but keeping repository updated would be too much work for me. I have put my package manager on hold and may not develop it any further.

You can try out Synthetic Package Manager for Haiku & maybe you will like that too.

TiltOS is also a package manager with lots of applications but command line and more difficult to use.

I’ve seen there is a GUI front-end for installing software:

TiltOS is meant to be a distribution. Right now it has not evolved into much more than a package manager, but it is likely it will. kaliber is working on “modularizing” the whole OS so that the kernel may be updated separately for example, just like in Linux. The package manager also works in a very Linux-ish way by spreading all applications’ files all over the system. Actually, the whole project seems to have a very Linux-ish philosophy.

Now don’t take this as an attack on kaliber. I have nothing against him. He is a talented developer and I really appreciate some of the work he is doing, especially getting Haiku to work better with Clang. But TiltOS is still what it is.