Admin meetings

I have noticed that ‘admin meeting’ has been mentioned several times by different team members. I am curious to know if you would consider making the minutes or IRC log (if thats where it takes place) of this meeting available for the public to view. I beleive the Gnome foundation makes available theirs through a mailing list. Would provide a nice insight as to what is being discussed in the background.

The Haiku team leads and several of the regular contributors (a.k.a. the “admin team”) have weekly meetings. These are private meetings because sometimes it makes sense to discuss certain things privately or without bothering the public at large. Although, I must admit, a lot of the talk is development-related and could as well be public. There has been some discussion among the admin folks about changing the way these meetings are held, but I don’t think any firm decisions were made. But Haiku is a very open project already, and we’re not really keeping any big secrets from you. Honest. :wink:

How about publishing minutes of these meetings - which could be a simplistic as a chat log with all the swearing taken out? :wink: