Adding keyboard layouts to Haiku?

I’ve been using Haiku lately, and I’ve noticed that some programs that use some of the keys (arrow keys, the “delete” key, etc) don’t like my keyboard. I’m using an old IBM 84 key AT keyboard. It doesn’t have the “inverted T” arrow pad, nor does it have the cluster of six keys above it. I’ve got F1-F10, a full numeric pad, and of course all the regular typewriter keys. Under Linux, I can use my numeric keypad as arrow keys with the numlock off, and it registers the delete key on the numeric pad properly. Haiku doesn’t. Pressing Ctrl Alt Del doesn’t bring up the task manager, likely because the “delete” key on the numeric pad isn’t getting picked up.

I’ve played with the keymap settings, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a new layout for my keyboard - not just move the keys around on an existing layout.


This comment is an error on my part.

Hi Ian!

Maybe the advanced keymap manipulation chapter of the user guide can help you (scroll down a bit). I’m not sure how you’ll get to the keycodes of your actual keyboard… but you’re the RetroHacker… :slight_smile: