Adding another WLAN router to the network

Hello everyone!

As I don’t have much experience with networks, I hope someone here can help me with my question. I want to add another WLAN router to my network. I have a Fritz WLAN-box as my router connecting me to my ISP. To that router connect a desktop in the basement and a TV in the living room via LAN. Also via LAN the Fritz is connected to the WAN-port of an old US Robotics WLAN-router on the first floor. (Unfortunately the WLAN of the Fritz is too weak to reach the upper floor…)
At the US Robotics hang via LAN a TV, AV receiver, media player and a NAS (which will be moved to the basement and connect to the Fritz eventually).

Currently, the US Robotics creates its own “subnet” (?) handing out IPs through its DHCP server. Probably a braindead setup, but it has worked for me so far and things always went pear-shaped. However, now that the NAS should be available in the whole home network, it’s time to sanitize things…

Unfortunately I have only a vague idea who deals IPs to whom, if any mysterious subnetmasks, forwarding and what have you gets involved.
This is my understanding of how it might work:

Fritz box:
DHCP on: to

That would leave me to for static IPs for some devices, right?

US Robotics:
DHCP off

Now, the devices connected to either the Fritz or the US Robotics (via LAN or WLAN) will all get either their IPs dynamically (100-200) or can choose static IPs (3-99).

Is this correct?
Is it correct to connect the US Robotics’ WAN to a Fritz’ LAN plug, or does it maybe have to be LAN instead?


Correct with a US Robotics’ LAN plug connected to a Fritz’ LAN plug. I think that, if they are not too old, they should detect and switch modes (otherwise a crossover cable will do).


Thanks, korli. Works perfectly!