Accessing an afp address on Haiku

Hello Everybody!

Currently, I am running Haiku in Vmware Fusion 4, and it works beautifully… the only problem is that I don’t have a way to transfer files from the host machine the the guest machine. The host is Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and the Guest is Haiku (obviously).

Firstly, is there a decent, free way to transfer files back and forth between host and guest? (keep in mind that currently, vmware does not have any support for Haiku - file sharing is not an option for haiku).

Secondly, because there is no filesharing within Vmware Fusion 4, how can I accomplish file transferring between Haiku and Mac OS X? I tried Macintosh File Server, but I can’t figure out the software, and it’s a really old piece of software - suppose to run on Mac OS X 10.5. I’ve tinkered with mediatomb, and I get nothing. And none of the web browsers in haiku support afp:// protocols, so I can’t connect that way…

So I’m really at a loss. FTP is an option, but I have no idea how to set one up for free…

Thanks, and I hope someone can help! cheers!!!

Though I haven’t file shared from BeOS (or even Haiku for that matter) in a long time; there are various options out there with a lot of them in questionable working condition (by the looks of it).

You could try this:


If you’re not afraid of the commandline you could use SSH (via Terminal) and use SCP (secure copy) to transfer files back-n-forth. It’s not that hard to learn to do and after a few tries you’ll get the hang of it:

You can enabled the built-in Haiku ftp server:

  1. On Haiku :
    1. Locate the "services" file under /boot/common/settings/network
    2. Remove the # commenting the "service ftp" block
  2. On Mac, fire your prefered ftp client and connect to the Haiku guest IP address

I was able to do file transfer from Haiku to MacOSX Lion with Fugu:

Uses scp so please read this to set up Haiku to work: