About OverlayImage

You know OverlayImage? Is located inside Leaf Menu > Demos


We can drag in his window, any image file and turn it in a replicant to put on the Desktop.

I have an idea about the ability to insert html file too, inside OverlayImage… Imagine this: for example we can insert a little html page with weather forecast info, or a web mailbox, or any dinamic content as html page… This could be a very cool widget!
I’d like to fill an enhancement ticket in Haiku development tracker, but inside ticket options, OverlayImage is not listed! There is an Haiku Developer tuned here? :slight_smile:

Overlay image only displays an image… there are however plans to make something like a BWebView replicant… which would be more like what you are planning but not untill Webpositive is more developed.

Yes: i know that OverlayImage can only display images… In fact I suggested to add another feature!