About interface design. My version

Hello all,
It seems to me that appearance of windows a bit children’s, besides he belonged company Be, and now Palm (if I am not mistaken). To make the window and interfaces item looks like, on base tracker, it would be desirable to hear your opinion.

Preview`s home http://uuki.ru/myvision.png

P.S. Sorry for my English.

BeOS + Mac + Windows + Linux in a single interface?

too much confusing…

Haiku is more clean and better

I think all we need is Tracker with shortcuts and tabs. :slight_smile:

An interesting idea. I would like to see it with a more modern look; tabs like the current haiku ones, and a bit of a smoother feel.

Anything terrible that interface and look like will be similar both on Linuix and on MacOS and on Windows, from all systems it is necessary to take the best and convenient. Jobs and Gates spoke that: good artists peep, and great steal. I want to tell that interface MacOS I consider as a masterpiece, especially 7 and 9 versions. How much I remember that the first developers BeOS had some relation to Apple. BeOS and so used ideas MacOS so it is possible to pull together a little design. Convenience browser files MacOS X is indisputable and easy. I do not see problems with its embodiment in Haiku. Besides idea favourite panel doesn’t belong Apple. I would like, that Haiku had the though and inherited from BeOS design of the interface and the main thing that it has been fixed. The stable interface - pledge of success of system. And the current design belongs BeOS, on the is necessary. Certainly it would be desirable to have design as at Aero or Cocoa but while original ideas aren’t present. I will be and to work further over this theme.

If somebody is excited with a theme of new design and there are ideas I ask to write to this forum or on mail wolf_heart@mail.ru.

Best regards,
Anatoly “Wolfheart” Tukalov.

I not dislike it!

The more interesting thing is the search field integrated!
It’s the more interesting thing of BeFs and I think should be evidenced.

The file attributes maybe shouldn’t be shown… it reminds a lot Linux (and a NORMAL user don’t have to know what are! If it needs Haiku fails), maybe this not be the default!