Abiword 2.4 Prealpha Release

[quote=atomozero]Anton Sokolov release the first prealpha version of AbiWord for beos.
Please test and report the bug!!!

for download abiword-050707-prealpha1

see you!


Hi Andrea, you should have created a new thread for it to stand out.

I saw it, but didn’t have a chance to respond :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Nice to see someone has stepped up to maintain the AbiWord port again!

Yes it is good to see.

Anton Sokolov, nickname “knorr” had also done Abiword 2.2.8 port to BeOS back around late 2005.


He released the sources but no binary. I had trouble compiling his sources ( got errors ). Pretty sure he finished the 2.2.8 Abiword port.

Unfortunately most information/discussion for 2.2.8 was in Russian on site Qube in the forums which wasn’t too easy for me to follow using Google translate.

I’m certain he’ll be able to get 2.4.2 working on BeOS also.