A possibly stupid question about updating

hey all,

I have r1alpha3 installed, and I also just downloaded a nightly snapshot and put it on a stick. I renamed the system directory on r1alpha3, mounted the usb and copied the nightly’s system directory over. Is that an ok way to update? what am I missing? I just read about somebody doing something similar, but I can’t find the post.

once again,

thanks for your patience…

Boot from that usb stick and run the installer. Select your current Haiku partition as the target – installing over your current boot drive won’t hurt anything or lose your user settings.

This will work much better than what you’re doing because the newer build may update (and create) files in directories other than just ‘/boot/system’.

I have installed several nightly builds on top of my R1 Alpha 3 install, and so far, everything is fine! Could Haiku R1 updates be done in a similar manner? Could a Haiku Update installer CD be created that just copies the new updated programs to the Haiku partition? This could be done in the event the package manager doesn’t get completed for R1.

Perhaps an Update cd could be built with just enough of Haiku to boot and run the installer, and a compressed file containing the updated programs/files to be installed. This way the update image burned to cd or usb stick would be as small as possible. Just an idea.