A port of SeaMonkey to Haiku possible?

I just happened to think about very old BeZilla and MailNews (an app I already use currently) and was wondering if SeaMonkey can be ported to Haiku without a lot of work?

Please use the search function, this is not the first time this idea comes up.

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Or use common sense: if something like this was possible without a lot of work, why would someone not have done it already? What do you think we would reply? “Oh wow, no one had thought of that, and instead we spent years trying to port WebKit and writing WebPositive from scratch! How stupid of us!”?


I actually look at the suggested topics when they appear as I compose my own. Nothing significant on the subject. And since Firefox has been totally rewritten, I’m not even suggesting that approach. I just happen to think of SeaMonkey, which I do have installed on my computers mostly for access to Composer which I do use on rare occasion.

Take a chill pill PulkoMandy!

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There is probably a port for BeOS floating around, just not through haikuports

To be honest, I’m surprised that Mozilla has kept the SeaMonkey project going after all these years. It’s a great suite of apps though the UI could use much needed polish.

Its the same codebase (well, somewhat behind) as Firefox, all the same changes that made it impossible to keep Bezilla going are going to be the case here too.

The effort required to port it would be the same as porting Firefox, but Firefox is now three years ahead in terms of browser technology.

Mozilla themselves are no longer involved in Seamonkey


That’s good to know. I don’t guess I realized Mozilla cut the project loose though I still pull binaries from the website from time to time.