A non-issue demobilised

…ok I have stopped posting now since I could not delete this

Please, stop.


The point is to report new bugs!
Only in bug tracker the bugs will be not forgotten or lost!
Yes sometimes it is discouraging to report bugs which are not solved immediately…

But here on the forum the bugs will get lost!

I started posting bug reports but most of them have just been closed by developers as duplicates. This has completely discouraged me to post more bugs (and there are plenty of them in Haiku!!).

A ticket closed as a duplicate doesn’t mean it is in-valid, only that it has already been reported. These are closed to prevent duplicate efforts by different devs attempting to resolve the same issue.

One should search for tickets that describe the same error before posting a new ticket. This does not always work as the trouble description may not match what you understand as the issue, but it prevents most duplicate tickets. One may also comment on an existing ticket if he has new information to add that may help the devs identify the cause.


What would you have him stop doing?

Stop posting in the forums?

Stop using Haiku?

Stop reporting errors?

None of these seem appropriate.

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Stop escalating a non-issue. It was explained 2-3 times what “marking tickets duplicates” means, and that it doesnt have any negative meaning.


Thanks @bbjimmy I will not stop because I believe that haiku is great and the community is really supporting but people who are straight talking like @extrowerk are also needed even if they sound a bit arrogant and seem to think they can own Haiku! I shall stop only this issue ,that’s all I will stop

Every one is as he is, there are people who can good taking with people and one who can not good talking (In this way writing).

The second point is that here are many non default english speaking people arround. Some time it sounds diffent to the meant massage.


I also reported a bug that ended being a duplicated, that was (correctly) closed. And I didn’t get angry or anything. Being closed as duplicated is not a negative thing or “sweeping them under the carpet”, instead it’s the other side of the coin, because it allows to track the issue or bug in a centralized place and that allows to have a proper size of the affected userbase, that at the same time brings to it more attention from the devs to be solved. Having dozens of sparse bug tickets of seemingly unrelated bugs does nothing but invisibilize the bug and its urgency.

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I fixed the bug (or at least the crash portion of the bug) in hrev55399.


Nice! Should it be pushed to beta3 too?

No crashes yet on arstechnica.com and youtube appears to be working again. :slight_smile:


Probably, yes, if it seems to be working for everyone today.


I tried each site from the related tickets and got no crashes.