A network drivers question, etc

after some pause last year during which haiku would not boot on my smp pc, things are again all smooth and rosy in supermicro P3TDDE land. as a result i’m very happy, and equally grateful. thanks, haiku team!

now, there’s one bit of hw that still does not work here, and it’s the intel 82559 10/100 ethernet chip that comes on that mobo. i’m aware of Hugo’s success with freeBSD net-driver compatibility layer, so here’s my question re that:

is there a known good haiku port of the freebsd driver for said chip? if not, where do i start with trying to get it to work under Hugo’s layer? no, i’m not a driver developer, but i don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty when needed.

on an unrelated note, what’s the current state with building haiku with gcc4? i noticed some gcc4.1.2-related comments in the repo, but assuming i co’ed the the repo today under osx, what would be my chances for a successful gcc4.0.1 cross-compile? any caveats one should be aware of?

thanks again, and best regards!

duh, i just discovered there was a fxp driver port in the works by Axel Dörfler! i don’t know how i missed that on my first browse through the repo, sorry. so, the only question that remains now is about the status of the gcc4 compile, and if that ends up as the first one i’ll be double-happy ; )

Compiling with gcc 4 works just fine. I do it all the time.

you guys freakin’ rock.

ps: posted from firefox ‘bon echo’, run from an r5 volume mounted under haiku r24173 running natively on a p3 smp machine.

oh, and Axel, that ipro 100 driver performs better than the native r5 one!