A GUI for ImageMagick

Here: https://github.com/threedeyes/TesseractTranslator

You also need Tesseract-OCR and Leptonica, which are available on HaikuPorts, (also the development files), to compile this translator.

Thank you Giova84.

3deyes video showing his OCR translator in action:

The Tesseract OCR is an important tool,why it is not in the Haiku Depot?

Both tesseract ocr and gocr ports are available in haikuports, at least.
But not TesseractTranslator.
Will see if I can do one…

I’ve pushed a haikuports recipe to build TesseractTranslator as a package.
But it seems that our tesseract package is broken currently (not linked against network library) and, more importandly, we don’t have tesseract languages package(s) yet either.