A first on this setup!

I’ve been periodically checking to see if Haiku will run on this home built machine of mine. Today was successful for the first time! Congratulations to all the Haiku devs! Amazing progress!


I will have to string a network cable to the box to check for internet capability. Currently, the wifi device is not enabled in Haiku.

The intel_extreme could be able to handle this device. Could you please submit a bug report for this?

Sure! I imagine the bug report should include listdev. Any thing else?

The syslogs in /system/var/log/

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Bug submitted.

I meant for intel_extreme.

I’m sorry, are you referring to the graphics? I thought you were talking about the wireless issue. I can submit a ticket for that as well.

Yes for the graphics. I’ll push a change for you to test, referring the ticket you’ll submit.

Here is an image iso to test : Index of /testbuild/I9dad02a5f39683687de943f950dc3c1a493622a1/1/hrev56024/x86_64/

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Ticket created: #17713 (Testing intel_extreme build) – Haiku