A Few Newbie Questions Before Installing Haiku

My Laptop: Thinkpad T21 (850mhz)
My Main Usage For Haiku: Play video tutorials from Youtube that I download with youtube-dl
Wifi: USB Dongle with Atheros Chipset (from ThinkPenguin)

I tried the nightly build and it seems to work fine enough for my purposes. So, I want to intall Haiku on the mentioned old laptop. My questions are:

  1. Will I be able to do something like a system upgrade (dist-upgrade) to get the latest Haiku?
  2. Does Haiku have “youtube-dl” or similar software to download files from youtube?
  3. How do I get files onto Haiku via my home network over wifi?

1 and 2) yes, if you start from a current nightly (or the upcoming beta release)
3) Various ways, if you have wifi working (check that first). Haiku can connect to FTP, SCP, and HTTP servers by default. You can probably install some SMB support to access window shares directly, and if you use Linux, we also support NFS.