A different window border colour


What do you think?

See here for the full quality.

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What does this 1-10 numbers mean?

I’ve set the border in Appearances to yellow as well. Though less pronounced, with #FFE78D.


You can rate it from 0 to 10.

I’m guessing it’s how much you like it on a scale of 1 to 10?

I think yellow window border complements the yellow window header perfectly; it takes away the dullness of the gray border, and perfectly emphasises the active window, and the window resizing handle, something we see less and less every day among modern operating systems. It’s a nice UX feature.

And this particular tone of yellow is very warm, very pleasant to look at. It looks very Haiku-y, adding more character to the OS itself.

For me the yellow border is quite distracting, at least in this color intensity.
But then again I tend to generally dislike interface changes most of the time :wink:


I agree. I have been alternating between the default grey and a yellow border. While the grey border looks uninteresting, the yellow feels too strong.


Yellow border have practical advantage that it help to distinguish focus window even if title is not visible.


I concur. the yellow border is too distracting at such color intensity.