A day of expansion!

We’re surely going up… but can we do it quicker?

Considering the last months of new people seeing Haiku, wouldn’t it be likely that we can recruit some more crunchers? Surely we provide power enough to keep us climbing on our current lists, but seriously, I think there are a lot more people who would want to support our beloved team, simply don’t know it yet ^^

on Free-DC we’re in slot 92, that’s far too bad to be acceptable. On DC-VAult we’re up to 15, that’s where we should be…

Anyone have any ideas how can can get some more dual cores on board?

Yes, you are right, we do need to drum up some more contributors!

Our Free-DC rank is going to suffer because Free-DC focuses on MANY more projects than DC-Vault does (and uses a different point system also).

DV-Vault’s point system simply favors participation in more projects, rather than high ranking in each. We participate in all DC-Vault projects now, and thus that has boosted our overall DCV score. You can get further on DCV with mediocre rank in every project rather than a really high rank in a few (thus why I have stopped contributing so heavily to SoB and spread my processors around).

If we were to temporarily spread some effort from SeventeenOrBust and SETI@Home to some of the other projects with lower DCV scores (those with < 7000 pts for example), we could probably boost our DCV (and Free-DC) rank a bit faster.

My primary crunching machine now is an AMD64 X2 5600+ and I must say it’s an impressive beast considering the price point (processor was $175 combined with a free crappy motherboard that I used with my old AMD64 3800+ instead). It appears that the Core 2 Duo’s are even faster… and quad cores are starting to leak into the market now also. Distributed computing is DESIGNED for multiple processors/cores! There is going to be a major shift in the market to multi-threaded/distributed computing-style software - and everyone should have a dual-core beast at home :wink:

For anyone interested in joining our efforts, feel free to stop by the Team Haiku website (http://www.teamhaiku.com) or visit us in #teamhaiku on irc.freenode.net - we’d love to help you get set up on any project you want to contribute to.

Also, the project listing on the Team Haiku website is a little bit out of date now (my fault) - and we actually have a large arsenal of new projects we participate in. I still recommend joining a project sponsored by DC Vault, of course, but we appreciate effort to raise Haiku’s awareness in any project that suits you!