A bit confused about where to install new applications


I read Haiku User Guide, but still I don’t understand at which place I should put an application,
binaries, additional files. Is a good place the /boot/apps directory? I mean to unzip a package
in this directory. Are there other common locations? Recently I downloaded sources for
the sane program - now I have no idea is there a particular location for sources?

Of course I can experiment but this will mess my present installation. Tell me what you
are doing routinely. At this moment I will simply follow your advices.

The Expander shows a file preview listing look at that and it should give you an Idea where to put it… if it has all the top level folders in it like that you see in /boot then extract it there… if it just extracts into a folder it probably goes in /boot/apps you can look in the app folders there and see what thier layout looks like.

I know others can probably explain this in more detail but that’s the gist of it.