5 humble wishes from a longing user

Hi guys,

First all the kudos for great work etc etc… however I have a few humble wishes which I hope might get changed about the project (despite the fact that I’m not in a position to make wishes really =( ).

  1. Write a new newsletter… last one is from May
  2. Write another item on the site (1/month must be possible).
  3. Make it easy for contributors. The achilles heel for Haiku/BeOS has always been drivers. Sure we have bedrivers, but wouldn’t it be nice to just put up “what you can do for us” and list 5 drivers from each area where they are needed. 5 GFX, 5 MIDI, 5 Network, 5 Mobos, 5 soundcards. Either donate (code bounty/open donation) or advice people to code.
  4. I know code is more important than status updates, however Kernel hasn’t moved a tiny bit in 3 years, I can’t imagine that to be true. Can it just move one more step ? Or is it really as bad as it says on Status?
  5. Make a list of what we lack before we see something boot with GUI and every time an obstacle is removed, take it away so we can see what is happening in an easier way =)

Whether you like my wishes or not, please just take those into considerations that you do think are wise…

Either way, your work is appreciated…

1. Write a new newsletter... last one is from May

what about adopting a seasonal newsletter style? Fall-04, Winter-05, Spring-06, Summer-07, …

IMVHO it makes sense.

A) 3 mo. interval between each newsletter should allow enough time for Haiku (or Haiku-Related) progress. At the very least, noteable email-lists topics or HaikuNews|ICO|BeGroovy headlines could be summarized.

B) Creates consistency. Creating newsletters monthly may be too taxing – time spent vs. benefit. People will be able to look forward to knowing that a newsletter will be released each season.

C) It would tie in with the other seasonal ideas for Haiku. eg, rotating logo, bootscreen, deskbar, etc.

That is aside from the southern hemisphere vs. northern hemisphere difference or season.
maybe the titles could be written in a creative stlye to strike a balance?


2004 could be interpreted as the equator, with the northern hemisphere’s season above (, north of) it and the southern’s season below (, south of) it.

horizontally, it could be displayed as fall2004spring or some variation.

/me tosses $0.02

Requests? I’ll take what I’m given and I’ll like it!