3rd party software over HaikuDepot

Hello guys,

i have done a upload of my latest version of HPKGCreator (V. 0.8-4) and want to install it from our repository server. But i cant do that, because HaikuDepot says me i should install the old version (V. 0.7-3) from FatElk repository.

Yes, i have set the server for searching to “BeSly repository” and then i select my newest version 0.8.-3 but then i click on install HaikuDepot display that he download from fatelk. Does not like this.

Greetings Lelldorin

Sounds like a bug in HaikuDepot, not using the displayed repository when it does the install. Maybe you could file a bug report?

Done: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/12878#ticket

Good, now it may get fixed rather than forgotten.

I’ll remove my version. note: this was placed here before you had a repo.

I removed the .hpkg and can install from the BeSLy server.

I had not meant that you should take my program from your server, it is an error to be corrected in HaikuDepot which if you always want to make the current version of the user provided.