32bit users

Feels like I’m alone in this at times, with some recent additions to haikuports I tried to keep up on getting them to build on 32bit, but response is sparse :frowning:

I’m using most time 32bit, then 64bit.

We are the outsiders :wink:

I am at a school with my 32bit laptop, I don’t use that many ported apps on it, but the effort is apreciated.

I have to admit I hardly use the 32bit version. I have a 32bit VM around but only power it up to test my applications before releasing them. All my hardware is 64bit capable and I don’t use any legacy BeOS software so it makes sense for me to only use the 64bit version.

But if you need help testing something just let me know, I can always power up my 32bit VM

I still use a 32 bit machine as my main haiku box

I currently need 32 bits to run BlackBox CB, my executable analyzing and disassembling framework and some other things.

I predict that the 32-bit version of Haiku will get neglected more and more over time until it is finally dropped. It’s easy to understand why. I only wish that we can get BeOS applications to work on 64-bit Haiku.

We just need to finish the work to have a 64-bit Haiku be able to run 32-bit applications. People who still need 32-bit Haiku for older machines can still use it, and people who want to use 64-bit can still run and test 32-bit applications so it doesn’t become totally neglected.

Jérôme did a lot of the work and it is in Gerrit, it just got hung up on some implementation choices. Waddlesplash experimented with it some in November.


It could be really cool to have 32bits on x64 :c

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I use 32 bit machine.

I am still on 32bit for my main installs too. I still occasionally need to compare behavior of Haiku with BeOS, and that’s the only way I can do it. I don’t really use any 32 bit only apps anymore otherwise. Maybe next time I buy a new machine I’ll do a 64bit first install, we’ll see…

My beautiful old dell laptop with high res screen is 32 bit only. Plan to keep using it after I place a new keyboard in it :slight_smile:

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My main Haiku machine is a MSI U100 and that is 32bit. The only 64bit machine I have has issues with networking (USB) so it is pretty limited in usefulness at the moment.

This is already happening, main developers (minus a few) target mainly to 64bit without checking (not sure if they are able to) if things also build/compile on 32bit …


As long as the 32bit Version is officially supported everything (at least native software) should be also tested there. Since there is the same modern gcc available as on x86_64 this shouldn`t be much of a problem. A VM with 32bit Haiku is set up in a few minutes.

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