20 Years of Haiku


March 2005 (from https://mlotz.ch/haiku/#log_20050321):

June 2004 and first time the Haiku logo was used (from http://web.archive.org/web/20040711003339/http://haiku-os.org:80/learn.php):


By the way, as I mentioned in the blog post which was published an hour ago, does anyone have any ideas for competitions we might be able to hold to celebrate Haiku’s 20th Anniversary? I’ve got a few ideas already:

  • haiku (the Japanese poem) competition, where people would be able to send in haikus to be included in Haiku error messages and other places
  • Screensaver competition - whilst Haiku does have a selection of screensavers, these aren’t very extensive and it would be nice to have more “modern” screensavers, like a photo slideshow or a simple clock (analogue/digital).
  • Haiku artwork competition - I’ve noticed the Installer and the About window have a plain banner with the Haiku logo on a white background - we could adopt an approach similar to VirtualBox and have a different banner for each major release of Haiku.

Anyone have other ideas?

Oh, you reminded me!
I added a simple clock to Haiku a long time ago, but did not include it in the build!)


I should mention that I am not too happy about competitions for these things. The problem is, what if we come up with something better after the competition is over?

Imagine if we did this for the code. We make a competition to implement something, and there is a winner. And later on we find a better way to do it. Is it ok to replace the code from the competition winner?

Also, I like the clean and simple look in Installer and About box. This is a bit part of our identity as a lightweight system.

In the case of screensavers, I did not even manage to have my own Neon Lights screensaver included by default in Haiku. I am annoyed about this because I have it on my own laptop, and when it pops up during the Q&A session of my talks, I laways get a “wow, this looks nice” reaction (admitedly, coming from Linux users, the bar was not high with what’s available in xscreensaver :stuck_out_tongue: ).


How about a desktop showcase, where users can submit their Haiku desktop setups? A competitive element can be added if desired, by having forum members decide which one is their favourite.


Huh, that really does look quite nice.

included in beta 3 when :pleading_face:


Personally I think haiku has had enough competitions for some time, I understand that it is easy community engagement but it doesn’t make that much sense in many cases. the sound theme thing for example was a disaster in my opinion, it asked for a really wierd sound format and was done without bothering to actually fix system sounds… they are still broken, yet the contest has created the impression that Haiku has to pick the winning sound theme, despite artists having literally been unable to test their submissions properly or users to properly test them.




Haiku’s baby picture!obos_kernel


Something planned for the 20 years anniversary? T-shirts, other goodies? A collector photo of all devs signatures? A history book with steps, screenshots, etc?


We’re already in the process of organising merchandise:

As for the other stuff you’ve suggested, that will be a bit harder, since for a photo we have to try and get all the devs to take a photo, them to sign it and figure out a way to duplicate that and have it for sale (with worldwide shipping). In regards to a book, we will have to write it, figure out graphic design, and find a publisher who can do Print on Demand.


Yes, it’s a bit late for these ideas.
It was just a suggestion, maybe for the R1 release :wink: