20 Years of Haiku

It should prolly be stated that it is extremely difficult to close (with good justifications) 90-95 percent (let alone all) of the bug reports and tickets, even if new submissions are temporarily frozen. That goes for most kinds of software, let alone entire operating systems. Doesn’t help that manpower is still somewhat lacking for a project of Haiku’s scope. Expecting R1 within this year or within the next 2-3 years is unrealistic, barring perhaps a large influx of new contributors.

Despite all this, the work achieved so far and for so long by such a small group of folks is still very much commendable.


Not a suggestion, but here are some screenshots from early OBOS :slight_smile:


Not Haiku, but where we all came from: BeOS in it’s best days :slight_smile:



I just hope the worldwide situation gets better and we can have a real life meetup sometime later this year to celebrate.

But if you are looking for things to start preparing now, contacting and interviewing past contributors to haiku and seewhat they remember of the early days and what thoy are doing today could be an interesting thing to do


This kind of sounds worse than what I hoped for, but I am happy that after 20 years project exists and advances. Everyone who was taking part deserves more than a piece of cake for sure :wink:

I think this kind of roadmap and release cycles might put some people off from contributing, but this is why BeOS>OpenBeOS>Haiku history and community needs to be documented in a popular way so people can get a feeling for it (beyond harsh metrics).

Maybe a media-rich wiki project would be nice to have so everyone can contribute, work in parallel and also show different levels of complexity in such project and community. I would commit to both brainstorm, co-develop and contribute to such thing (anyway busy with wikis and media). I used to do this on BeBits wiki (which I kind of asked for and loved :-)…

Is there any wiki in use these days for any purpose similar?

Maybe you could join the promotion team for this?

If @jt15s thinks this kind of project would be something the team wants to work on I would not mind, but I would not be as free to work on other activities beyond consulting here and there.

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Somewhere around is haiku’s first baby picture- when it was just a command prompt, but it booted. That would be nice to include.
I have it if I can find it…


My oldest one are from 2007



Is it old? Hold my beer!










01.06.2006 - Haiku in Haiku

12.06.2006 - MediaKit works fine


Wait, Firefox on Haiku was a thing back in 2006?

it’s native FireFox (Semonkey, Thunderbird and Nvu) for BeOS.

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01.06.2006 Nvu

Yes, we have a Firefox 2, it was renamed to BeZilla because Mozilla protects their trademarks and it was not an official version. Then they started rewriting a lot of things in Firefox 3 and we couldn’t keep up with the changes.

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Oh, so that’s what BeZilla is! I thought it was something like FileZilla.


March 2005 (from https://mlotz.ch/haiku/#log_20050321):

June 2004 and first time the Haiku logo was used (from http://web.archive.org/web/20040711003339/http://haiku-os.org:80/learn.php):


By the way, as I mentioned in the blog post which was published an hour ago, does anyone have any ideas for competitions we might be able to hold to celebrate Haiku’s 20th Anniversary? I’ve got a few ideas already:

  • haiku (the Japanese poem) competition, where people would be able to send in haikus to be included in Haiku error messages and other places
  • Screensaver competition - whilst Haiku does have a selection of screensavers, these aren’t very extensive and it would be nice to have more “modern” screensavers, like a photo slideshow or a simple clock (analogue/digital).
  • Haiku artwork competition - I’ve noticed the Installer and the About window have a plain banner with the Haiku logo on a white background - we could adopt an approach similar to VirtualBox and have a different banner for each major release of Haiku.

Anyone have other ideas?

Oh, you reminded me!
I added a simple clock to Haiku a long time ago, but did not include it in the build!)