10th RMLL LSM (Libre Software Meeting)

Hi all,
will Haiku be in this event?

At this moment other events are too far for me.

(By the way, and some possible event in Spain?)

Hola David,

We have a Spanish mailing list here:


There are a few Spaniards following Haiku on that list, so it may be a good idea to subscribe and send a message there.

Buena suerte!

Hi david

François (MMU_MAN) should be present at RMLL in Nantes-France from 07/07/2009 to 07/11/2009.

Also, he could come at JDLL (Lyon-France)
from 10/16/2009 to 10/17/2009.

Thanks a lot.
I will keep in mind this event as a possible escape for july.
About the spanish list, I’m now registered, tnx too

Yes we’ll have a booth and I’ll give 2 talks.

I still plan to show up, most probably tuesday or friday. Or both ;-).
It will depends on how the wind will be that week: weather is ruling any Kite-Surf course.

[quote=mmu_man]Yes we’ll have a booth and I’ll give 2 talks.

That’s great! How about adding it to the event calender of this site? :9