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Haiku dual socket KGPE-D16 progress (11)
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Man pages? (2)
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Minimum translation percentage? ( 2 ) (34)
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Non-interactive bash ignores ~/.bashrc (9)
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Llvm_clang doesn't find standard headers by default (2)
Nightly: Installer boot often fails in VirtualBox (2)
/boot/system/non-packaged/bin not in PATH for noninteractive shell contexts (2)
X86 nightly unable to run privileged SSH commands (1)
/bin/shutdown exits non-zero, even when successful (6)
Nightly: Difficult to add users to groups (6)
Nightly hrev51909: DHCP flakey for Am79C973 NICs (3)
Nightly: Can't send password over stdin to su (6)
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Fix /tmp permissions (1)